MAGIC 13″ for MAKRO RACER short review

Hello, I am very well pleased with your coil. I got it in today and I am very happy with the performance of it. It is very sensitive and it is not heavy at all.

I have a small civil war camp on my property. I have not found anything out there in a long time because I have pretty much hunted it out with the normal depth capabilities of the coils on my metal detectors.

So when I placed the large 13″ DD coil on my Makro Racer 2 today, I am starting to slowly find some targets again because of increased depth.

I found 2 small civil war era bullets out there today with the 13″ DD coil you guys make for the Makro Racer 2. Now I am going to have to take it slow and see what else it out there that has been out of reach with my detectors stock coil.

Here is a picture of the .36 caliber bullet in the hole. The pin pointer is about 9 inches long. As you can see the end of the pin pointer is about 1inch or so below the surface. So that puts the small bullet at about 10 inches.

The other small bullet and the larger one in the center was also dug today with your Magic 13″ coil for the Makro racer 2 as well.

Thank you very much and I have left you feedback already on ebay.

Thank you, Tim

Very good!!

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